about us

Do you believe that there’s a soul mate out there for everyone? 

/ mi ai /


  1. ‘Miai’ is the traditional Japanese custom where two people are brought together to get to know each other, so they can decide whether there is compatibility between them to create a happy and successful marriage
  2. Matchmaking
  3. Harmony

We create brand love affairs.

It’s all about bringing the right two brands together and tapping into the chemistry between them to create innovative campaigns where both sides benefit equally from working in partnership together to reach new audiences.

Our job is to make the introduction, break the ice and help you to get to know the brand you’d like to work with. We love getting to the heart of what makes you tick and finding new and exciting ways for you to share your story through credible brand partnerships that reach and excite new customers and motivate them to buy from you.

We got game.

As well as mainstream brand knowledge and expertise, we have a strong background in video gaming.  Whether you’re a video games business looking to partner with a mainstream brand or whether you’re a mainstream brand with a vision for developing an impactful gaming strategy, we’ve got you.

Whichever direction you're coming from, we take care of the matchmaking.